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Terms of Service

1. gofiber is a service of Aptus Solutions Limited. Usage of gofiber is subject to business terms of Aptus Solutions Limited.

2. gofiber service is only available in select areas. Out-of- range customers may sign up to be on a waiting list. Waiting list customers, subject to management’s discretion, may be required to pay for installation at the time of registration. In the unlikely event of failure to connect service within 90 days, customer may demand a full 100% refund of the installation fee.

3. Devices/Equipment/Installation

  • All connectivity devices installed remain property of gofiber (unless otherwise stated). gofiber reserves the right of enforcing remote management/connectivity policies on customer installed routers to ensure quality of service. Installation cost is in no way related to the devices installed and in the unlikely event of dormant customers or service uninstallation; customer will incur an installation fee to get re-connected.
  • All free lease devices are subject to replacement due to manufacturer defaults. In the unlikely event of a failure that is not due to a manufacturer default or wear and tear, the customer will be responsible for buying out the defective device to receive a new free lease device.
  • All devices sold to customers are property of customer upon successful payment/delivery. gofiber provides a limited manufacturer warranty of 6-months on all devices sold.
  • The Customer hereby agrees not to tamper or relocate the installed devices without prior consent of gofiber. This includes, but not limited to swapping the power adapter(s)/equipment installed at customer premises.
  • Customer consents to allow gofiber install power equipment which may be in some cases PoE (Power over Ethernet) used to power the distribution box in the locality. The customer is not obliged to keep this device on while not is use as the power device is solely to ensure customer receives internet when required.
  • gofiber reserves the right to charge up to a standard installation fee as its discretion in the unlikely event the customer relocates or requests for the devices to be moved within the premises.
  • gofiber internet may only be used at the location it is supplied and installed for by the Customer (as registered in the sign-up form) and his authorized users within the same premises (or unit/apartment) including any wireless device the customer may wish to extend to within that one housing unit (or apartment) which has subscribed to for gofiber service. The customer acknowledges to not extend and allow use of the gofiber service to another dwelling (or unit) whether in exchange for payment or gratis. Aptus Solutions Limited reserves the right to terminate service and black-list the customer in the unlikely event it is evidenced that the customer has extended the connectivity beyond the unit that was connected.

4. Internet Service & Plans

  • All plans are shared plans and the speeds advertised are maximum advertised speeds. gofiber is a residential service which means the user is likely to experience maximum speeds during out-of- business hours and prone to congestion and lower QoS during the peak/congestion hours.
  • The advertised speeds in no way indicate the uncontended speed to international connectivity. All speeds advertised as per tariff are speeds between customer and the gofiber core routers. All customers share a resource pool (contended) for international connectivity upto a maximum of the advertised speeds. Any representation otherwise by anyone, include any Aptus Solutions Limited's (gofiber) agents, is not valid.
  • gofiber reserves the right to shape bandwidth to ensure user experience including but not limited to enforcing a fair usage policy. Similar to all broadband internet services globally, users share the available capacity on the gofiber service and the Fair Use Policy ensures that this capacity is not used disproportionately by some while penalizing others in lieu of the disproportionately heavy users (95% percentile)
  • All plans are unlimited unless otherwise stated. Our limited plans will explicitly advertise the volume of data unthrottled after which data speeds will be dropped to basic browsing speed as advertised and vary on plans.

Billing Terms & Agreement

1. gofiber is a prepaid service. Service must be renewed before expiry to avoid disruption. All sales are final and non-refundable. Refunds for installation only applicable if customer location becomes a non-service area within 6 months of inception. No refunds for monthly subscription unless provider fails to provide the service.

2. All available plans are updated and displayed on our website

3. Aptus Solutions Limited reserves the right to change the plans and it’s respective pricing at its discretion by giving prior notice of 30 days will be given to the customer.

4. Customer authorizes gofiber to contact the registered email and phone number via automated reminder for service expiry. No grace periods will be issued during expiry unless agreed. Any grace period provided must be paid for.

5. Subscriptions not renewed for more than 90 days may be deactivated permanently. All devices installed and property of Aptus Solutions Limited

may be removed by Aptus Solutions Limited. Any reconnection will be subject to the installation fee.

6. All subscriptions are for the duration specified and subscriptions cannot be paused once subscribed to a monthly package.

7. The above terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. An updated term of service is available online by visiting